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Weightloss Clinic

Our approach to weight loss is a medical one. Once you recognize obesity as a chronic medical illness, the urge to indulge in fads such as juice diets or bouts of starvation will cease and weight loss becomes attainable. Your initial consultation with Dr Mathir will include a deep dive into your relationship with food – your psychological relationship with it and medical conditions that predispose you to weight gain. Basic blood work will be done to rule out any pre-existing medical conditions that may cause weight gain. an InBody assessment will be done with our state of the art scale, having a look at your total fat, skeletal muscle mass, distribution of fat mass throughout your body (i.e where the problems lie!) and visceral fat, which is an important cardiometabolic risk factor indicator.


Medical drugs are chosen to assist you in the weight loss process, depending on your pre-existing medical conditions. We will work closely with you to ensure side effects are tolerable and your concerns are addressed.

My weight loss motto is, regardless:

Love yourself at every size

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