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Wellness program for employees

A wellness program for employees may seem hard to justify at first, but it brings a range of benefits to both employees and employers.

The following are some of the benefits of employee wellness programs:

More productivity

Healthier eating and regular exercise lead to more productivity among employees. An unhealthy lifestyle usually leads to a high level of unproductivity, which increases the risk of chronic diseases and increases the risk for health problems.

High employee morale

Wellness programs make employees feel valued and appreciated. Having a sense of appreciation and value from their employers makes employees happier. Providing wellness programs at work usually leads to more enthusiastic employees.

Improve recruitment and retention of employees

The best employees can be hired and retained through good wellness programs. When selecting an employer, many people are heavily influenced by health benefits and other benefits. Also, wellness plans contribute to employee retention by motivating employees to stay with the company.

Reduced absenteeism

In workplaces with comprehensive wellness programs, employees are healthier and experience less stress, resulting in a reduction in absenteeism.

Reduced health risks

It is beneficial to help employees adopt healthy behaviors such as eating healthy foods, exercising, and refraining from smoking. Reducing health risks reduces health care costs.

We offer fully integrated employee workplace & wellness programmes. Please contact Dr Mathir 031 350 3531 / 083 387 7393 for further information on our innovative EAP and see the results on your bottom line.

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