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Occupational Health and Wellness

Investing in the health of your employees will deliver tangible benefits to your company.

We offer 3 employee medical wellness packages to you as the employer.

We work with companies such as Connect Logistics, Shamim Khan Physiotherapy,  Wonderbag, Galanz Air-Conditioning and GVK-Siyazama Construction to name a few.

1. Compact Care Employee Wellness Program

Basic employee medical wellness (BMI, blood glucose, blood pressure) annual Monthly themed health-focused articles on relevant acute and chronic medical conditions written by Dr Mathir distributed to company employees (10 articles per annum).

Basic HIV Care Consultation- review of existing protocol and amendments to suit occupational health criteria/requirements suggested.

2. Necessary Nurture Employee Wellness Program

All the services of Compact Care




Additional 6 monthly BMI, blood glucose, blood pressure review

HIV Premium Consultation including the development of HIV workplace protocol, 2 x employee talks on HIV, STI and family planning  - done either Live or via Zoom (client preference) per annum 

Annual on-site Physiotherapy assessment of workers posture while seated, heavy weight lifting techniques (manual labourers) and how to protect the back, and once-off home-based treatment plan distributed to worker.

 3. Wellness Warriors Employee Wellness Program

All the services of Necessary Nurture



Basic Medical Wellness includes finger prick haemoglobin (iron levels) and cholesterol test

Additional HIV Testing and counselling are offered to all employees 6 monthly on-site

Physiotherapy: in addition to consultation and treatment plan, 1 fun-filled and muscle-strengthening exercise class will be held on-site monthly for 10 months

Live Wellness Talks by a qualified Clinical Psychologist- depression, anxiety, workplace conflict resolution, bullying in the workplace.

Employee Wellness Programmes (EWPs)

We know how to meet your unique business needs and we understand what your employees need to be happy and healthy.


We offer fully integrated employee workplace & wellness programmes. Please contact Dr Mathir 031 350 3531 / 083 387 7393 for further information on our innovative EAP and see the results on your bottom line.

Occupational Medicals

We've partnered with mobile occupational medicals, a level 4 BEE contributor to assist with national occupational health services. 

They will be situated at the practice every Friday for on-site medicals and businesses are welcome to book their services via us every day of the week. 

  • Audiometry Screening (Hearing Assessment)​

  • Spirometry Screening (Lung Function)

  • Vision Screening (Keystone and Snellen)

  • Physical Examinations

  • Psychological Assessments

  • Colour Blindness

  • Drug Testing

  • Medical Surveillance

  • Pre-employment medical examinations

  • Exit medical examinations

  • Food Handlers Questionnaire

  • Working At Heights Questionnaire

  • Annexure 3 Certificates issued

Medical Certificate of Fitness-this certificate is issued in terms of regulations by an Occupational Health Practitioner registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa.


Dr Mathir facilitates this process and provides feedback to companies regarding the prevalence of chronic conditions, registration with medical aids/insurances for collection of medication, ensuring findings from medical reports are acted upon- referrals organized with necessary follow-ups. This ensures follow through with findings from the medicals- an all-encompassing service. 

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