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Specialised HIV care:

As far back as I can remember, medicine has been my calling. My love for HIV medicine, however, began during my community service year in rural KZN. The scope of practice shifted drastically from the Western Cape where I did my undergraduate degree, and I quickly learnt that HIV was king in this province. And as such, needed to be respected as a branch of specialized medicine. 

I spent some time in HIV research, working on studies involved in the development of vaccines to prevent HIV. However, I realised my passion was for hands-on clinical medicine and counselling, getting involved in the nitty-gritty of people's lives that affect their ability to control their viral loads. Side effects of treatment, managing opportunistic infections and other medical concerns form only part of why a patient's viral load can be problematic. Struggling with a positive diagnosis, depression, food insecurity, lack of an emotional support system, taking ARVs at the workplace, and schooling difficulties, are a few examples of the infinitely long list of factors that play a role in the effective management of HIV. My goal in starting this practice is to help individuals and families on this journey, seamlessly integrate a happy and healthy life with an HIV diagnosis.

Doctor Checking a Form
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